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Javelin Sports Consulting specializes in providing legal services related to all aspects of sports law and offers quality legal advice based on an extensive insight in the sports industry. The team has a comprehensive understanding of all the relevant legal, economic, and political aspects associated with the sports industry.

Both Shane and Jan are accredited sports agents. They provide agency services to athletes with the added benefit of being admitted attorneys, able to assist with contractual disputes and represent athletes without the need to outsource work to different entities. They are able to initiate and negotiate contract talks with clubs and facilitate sponsorship or endorsement deals.

We offer agency services in all sports including cricket (SACA Accredited), rugby, football, athletics, hockey and more.

The team also offers advisory and consulting services to national and international federations, associations, unions, clubs, leagues, athletes, coaches, sponsors, media companies, broadcasters, television rights holders and marketing agencies

Our legal specialization includes:

  • Legal representation and consultancy in respect of:
  • Litigation and dispute resolution (such as contractual matters, transfer-related and regulatory disputes etc.);
  • All assortment of disciplinary proceedings (such as match incidents, transfer-related matters, enforcement procedures and anti-doping proceedings etc.);
  • Ethics and disciplinary proceedings (such as preliminary and formal investigations, sanctions, and also in the context of eligibility issues and integrity checks etc.);
  • Providing advice and party representation in governance and regulatory issues, contract negotiation and drafting of commercial agreements;
  • Providing advice and party representation in the context of third party ownership, financial fair play and admission to competitions; and
  • Drafting and amending of sports regulations and statutes.

Javelin Sports Consulting is able to represent clients in litigation proceedings before national courts of all levels, in national and international arbitration settings before the relevant sports bodies as well as in proceedings in front of administrative authorities.

The team approaches each matter with diligence and creativity, always determined to identify and protect our clients' best interests and to approach each matter in a dynamic manner exploring all possible outcomes.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Party representation in national courts of all levels (such as Labour Courts, the CCMA, High Courts, and Magistrate’s and Regional Courts);
  • Party representation in domestic and international arbitration forums such as the CAS (the Court of Arbitration for Sport) and others;
  • Party representation before the relevant decision making bodies of domestic and international sports federations and associations;
  • Party representation before relevant administrative authorities;
  • Developing and implementing effective dispute resolution strategies; and
  • Providing advice in both pre and post litigation matters.
Mediation &
Labour &

Javelin Sports Consulting has significant experience in litigating before South Africa’s national court structures due to its ongoing practice in litigation and arbitration in respect of labour and commercial law matters.

The team looks to provide advice and assistance in respect of commercial and labour related litigation, mediation and arbitration. We also offer such advice and assistance in respect of commercial transactions, arrangements and agreements.

Our areas of expertise include:
  • All aspects of general labour and commercial law;
  • Drafting of statutes, articles of incorporation and internal regulations and structures;
  • Drafting and negotiation of commercial agreements (such as commercial and employment contracts, sales contracts, sponsorship agreements, licensing and agency agreements, services agreements as well as general terms and conditions); and
  • Providing advice and party representation in national courts of all levels as well as before relevant arbitration tribunals.

Javelin Sports Consulting provides a full array of legal advice in the field of media and entertainment law, including regulatory matters, dispute resolution, law on unfair competition, sponsoring, advertising, television broadcasting, media, image and intellectual property rights.

The team advises broadcasters, media companies, television rights holders, event organizers, sponsors, athletes, clubs, federations, artists, actors and composers.

Our areas of expertise include:
  • Drafting and negotiation of commercial agreements (sponsorship contracts, media and television rights agreements, host broadcasting agreements, licensing agreements, agency agreements, services agreements, general terms and conditions);
  • Providing regulatory advice and legal assistance in advertising, marketing and event organization;
  • Providing regulatory advice and legal assistance in the sectors of social media, new media and information technology (drafting of commercial agreements, regulatory advice, personality rights, and intellectual property);
  • Registration and protection of intellectual property rights and protection of personality rights; and
  • Litigation and dispute resolution in front of arbitral tribunals, national courts and relevant administrative authorities.
Media &


The Team

Jan Kemp Nel, LL.B.LL.M(Sport)

Founding Partner


Jan is extremely well informed regarding all aspects of national and international sports law as well as of media and entertainment law matters. He has had first hand experience in the representation of clients in front of the Court of Arbitration for Sport and other decision-making bodies of international sports federations. Jan also has significant experience in litigating in front of South Africa’s national court structures, including the High Court and Labour Courts and has been practicing in litigation and arbitration in labour and commercial law matters.

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Shane Wafer, LL.B.(UP)

Founding Partner


Shane has expert knowledge in the fields of sports and commercial law. He has represented clients successfully before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) against the likes of WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) and FIFA. He specializes in drafting of pleadings and argument before courts of arbitration for sport as well as at the High Court of South Africa. Shane has an incredible attention to detail and has confidently represented a number of prominent sporting figures in a wide array of contractual and doping disputes.

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Mohubedu Mokwala, Bcom Law (UP), LLB (UP)

In-House Counsel


In 2012 Ralph obtained his BCom Law degree from the University of Pretoria in which he majored in Taxation and Business Management. He later in 2014 obtained his LLB from the same University of Pretoria. A passionate all-round sportsman, Ralph has played club football. He also captained his local rugby team (Westenburg Rugby Club u19) while also playing for the Limpopo Police Rugby Club at 3rd team level. Currently he is a social distance runner for the famed Tuks Road Running Club based at the University of Pretoria.

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The Firm

Javelin Sports Consulting was founded in 2017 by both Jan Kemp Nel and Shane Wafer who are South African trained, admitted and practicing attorneys. Both Shane and Jan share a passion for sports, media and entertainment law and saw the opportunity to make a difference in the industry.

Javelin Sports Consulting looks to provide first class, personalized legal advice while bringing a high quality beneficial product to its clients. All relationships established between the firm and its clients are so established with a view of maintaining long term, strategic partnerships based on trust, competence, confidentiality and high ethical standards with a solution oriented approach.

Being a boutique firm, Javelin Sports Consulting provides specialized and comprehensive legal services and advice to all stakeholders in the sports, media and entertainment industries.

This includes advising federations, unions, clubs, athletes, coaches, event organisers, sponsors, broadcasters, image rights companies and also agencies and intermediaries.

The team at Javelin Sports Consulting have an extensive knowledge and insight into the legal, economic and political aspects associated with the sports, media and entertainment industries, with a particular focus on sports litigation and party representation before the relevant tribunals such as the Court of Arbitration for Sport or closer to home at Labour Courts and other decision making bodies of national and international sports federations.

The fresh and dynamic composition of the firm also means that the team is able to provide quality advisory services in respect of commercial and labour related litigation and arbitration.

As long-time colleagues, Shane and Jan share an incredible work ethic and capacity for problem-solving and dispute resolution which they channel directly into the fields of sports, media and entertainment law.


Enthusiasm & passion

Knowledge & experience

Dedication & Speciality

The team shares a combined passion for sports and law and the experienced gained everyday by the team ensures that we always maintain the highest levels of quality, dynamism and integrity in our work. Javelin Sports Consulting is committed to providing a unique professional service to all of our clients ensuring not only that we serve the best interests of said client but also the best interests of the global sporting community and our fellow colleagues in the industry we seek to help develop and evolve.

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